Ferro Forma

Little Spoons


A set of two small spoons

Our Little Spoons were our first product in this collection. We've revisited the design and have now launched a refined version, Little Spoons 2.0!

Designed and made for use every day, they are incredibly versatile and we’ve used ours for so many things around the kitchen.

We envisage these spoons to be just the piece you grab from the cutlery drawer to help prepare and serve delicious meals to loved ones. They’re perfect for use together as a pair of small serving spoons – serving yoghurts, chutneys and dips. And they’re equally as useful individually – perhaps as your morning cereal spoon, to serve rice, or our favourite – ice cream!

Each spoon measures 60mm at the widest point and 130mm in length 

Finished in our original signature satin finish.