Havana Banana Bowl Small - Banana Split


Every single design from Kodanska has its own story. A story of craftsmanship and quality. The ‘Havana Banana Bowl’ collection is a series of mouth-blown bowls characterized by exceptional quality and a distinctive expression. Each bowl is a harmonious but also cheerful addition to your table. In the production of the new ‘Havana Banana Bowl’ collection, all the colours are manually mixed, silver and gold dust is hand-sprinkled, and every single piece is mouth-blown and manually shaped, rounded and cut by the individual glass-blower. We observes from the sidelines when Kodanska’s new designs are tested and put into production – from the first idea to the finished design. It gives us a sense of something truly authentic and luxurious when we see all the love and hard work that go into every single one of our products. Kodanska’s production consists of one-off pieces, and everything is handmade. The bowls come in three sizes and are perfect for breakfast, desserts and salads

H 8 x D 12 cm

0.450 kg