Carry All / 3 Pack


A breathable, durable, hold everything bag to carry with you everywhere. Stop using plastic produce bags and bring your own. These come in a pack of three, in various colours. This stunning mesh fabric is breathable, durable and can hold everything from produce, bulk dry goods, electronics, cables, toiletries, organise your things for travel, anything that is wet that needs to dry out. The possibilities are endless! Everything is thoughtfully designed, including the drawstring and metal tabs at the end.

Easy to roll up and take with you anywhere, carries more weight than a plastic bag and a nifty drawstring to keep everything inside.

These bags are made in by an independent women's sewing cooperative in El Paso, TX.

3 pack includes S, M, L
Small - 22cm x 21cm 
Medium 22cm x 32cm
Large 22cm x 43cm

This product comes in random colours.

Machine or hand wash, line dry.