Kay Bojesen

Love Birds Oak Pair


Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen charm with their sweet look. These little lovebirds are a wonderful gift idea for example for newlyweds. The elegant wooden birds make a beautiful addition to any interior, and their appearance can be altered by simply rotating their heads.

Inspired by the birds visiting his patio, Kay Bojesen designed the Lovebirds already in the 1950s. After finding pictures of the cheerful beech birds in the family's old photo album, they were later added to the collection of Bojesen's animal figurines. The birds have a clean, modern expression, stripped of superfluous details, and yet are so lifelike that it is easy to imagine them breaking out in song as the sun rises.

Model: Love Birds, 2 pieces

Materials: Natural and smoked oak

Dimensions: H 8.8 cm

Brand: Kay Bojesen

Designer: Kay Bojesen

Country of origin: Denmark