Welcome Soap

  • WELCOME SOAP "Taiseken" with happy colours and appearance, based on the shape of of Japanese sweets
  • Motif of the "sea bream" that accompanies celebrations, a "soap" with a fun and playful spirit
  • A wonderful House warming gift to bring warmth and luck into a new home
  • Hanging this soap will also lightly perfume your bathroom.
  • Created by a trusted company founded in 1892 and created this luxury line in 2003

This soap comes in the form of the Japanese celebratory fish, the bream. This delicate shape was created using a process based on the wooden mould, traditionally used to make the Japanese sweet called Rakugan. It can be used not only as a regular gift, but also as a celebratory gift for weddings, a birthdays, a thank you gift, a gift for your new neighbours, house warming, etc.
Tamanohada soaps are made from entirely plant-based material, from natural plant oil. The soap uses "RSPO" vegetable oils, which has a certification made in collaboration with Green Peace against deforestation. Leaving your soap hanging will also lightly perfume your bathroom.

  • Lily scent: A pure white floral with a refreshing scent blended with a leafy green scent. A neat and fresh lily scent.
  • Pomegranate scent: Blended with lemon oil and menthol. A refreshing floral scent spreads in the depth.
  • Muscavado: A floral bouquet-like scent is blended with a rich brown sugar scent. A high-quality scent with a slight sweetness.

Volume: 345g
Packed size: 25 x 13 x 4 cm

Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan