Ancient Candle Co.

Hermes Bust Sculpture Candle


Hermes - The Greek God of boundaries, roads and travellers. Thieves, athletes, shepherds, commerce, speed, wit and sleep. In myth, he functioned as the emissary and messenger of the gods, able to move quickly and freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine aided by his winged sandals.

Our Hermes bust candle stands 23cm high and is sculpted from sustainably sourced soy based wax and lead free cotton wick.

All of our sculptural candles are intended as decorative homeware, however should you wish to burn them for short periods of time please adhere to the following recommendations. 

  • Due to the sculptural nature of your candle, once lit wax will melt in an unpredictable manner. To avoid damage to your surfaces, please place your candle on a large ceramic dish, on a flat surface before lighting. 
  • Each candle is individually hand crafted, and like the ancient sculptures that inspire them, small imperfections such as small air bubbles or frosting may be expected between pieces.